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Airport Project Proposal In The District Of Kanyakumari


A Proposed  Airport Project is presented to setup in 700 Acres of land in Kanyakumari  District, the Southern Tip  of India in Tamilnadu and bordering the capital district of Kerala ,Thiruvanathapuram, at an estimated  cost of around Rs 2000 crores.

kanyakumari airport


  • State Government of Tamilnadu is proposed to participate in the project with minority stake and nominating Chairman to the board.
  • The airport will be privately owned and managed.
  • The runway length will be of 3100×45 meters with PCN 45 F/B/W/T.
  • The terminal building is designed to handle 1000 passengers at a time.
  • This aero polis is being developed along with SEZ, Multi-specialty hospital, Shopping Mall, Star Hotels and an International School.
  • The Kanyakumari  International Airport is designed to cater Airbus A-320 / Boeing 747 like aircraft.

Employment Potential

This International Airport Project will generate direct employment to 1500 and indirect employment to more than 6000.


  • Airport location is close to multiple tourism destinations such as Kovalam,Sucheendram, and Kanyakumari and southern residents of NRIs of Thiruvananthapuram and Tirunelveli.
  • Only one hour drive away from Kovalam, the hot spot tourist destination of beach loving foreign tourists with annual visitors  of around 20 Millions (as per Government data for the year 2011) and the proposed Airport will provide infrastructure to tourist who wish to travel by air.
  • The majority of NRI passengers and NRK passengers of Trivandrum and Madurai Airport originate within 100 K.Ms. radius of this site. 20% of the  air traffic is hailing from the influential zone of this airport.
  • It is expected to serve two districts in Tamilnadu state and two districts of Kerala. This shall be referred as influential zone. Out of the foreign and domestic tourists’ arrival to Tamilnadu and Kerala, these four districts together accounts for about 21 per cent of foreign tourists and 14 per cent domestic tourists


  • Forecast of Indian air traffic concluded that the domestic passenger throughput would grow at an average annual rate of around 12% between FY-12 and FY-17. The domestic passenger throughput is expected to touch around 209 million by FY-17 from 106 million in FY-11. Similarly, international passenger throughput is estimated to grow at an average annual rate of 8% to reach 60 million passengers by FY-17 from 38 million in FY-11.
  • Global comparison of air travel penetration shows that India (at 0.04 air-trips per capita per annum i.e. 4 out of 100 is travelling by air every year) stands far behind the developed countries like US and Australia (2 air-trips per capita per annum). China’s domestic traffic is five times the size of India’s despite having a population just 10% larger. There is significant growth potential as high as 50 times for the Indian civil aviation industry as economy grows, disposable incomes rise and the value of time becomes more precious.
  • TN  has about  8.75% on overall population of India, the International aircraft movement in  TN  is 15.28% of overall international aircraft movement of India in the year 2011- 12.
  • During the year 2011-12, the total number of air passenger to TN is 197.42 Lakhs out of 16.23 Crores air passengers in throughout India. It means 12% of overall air passenger of India hails from TN.
  • Air Traffic has multiplied 5 times in the last 8 years in TN. It has increased from 8 Million to 20 Million passengers.
    Madurai, Trivandrum and Trichy  Airports in TN and Kerala are ranked as the 17th, 11th and 23th busiest Airport in the country respectively.
  • In all the other three southern states (Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka), one airport viz. Chennai, Hyderabad and Bangalore is catering to 80% of the airtraffic of the state. This venturfe will  evenly spread the air travel users throught the states.

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