Health Benefits of Turmeric

[quote]Every morning a pinch of Turmeric with honey can keep you away from doctors.[/quote]


Usually most of all us use Turmeric for cooking…
Let us now see the golden benefits of Turmeric Powder:

Prevent Cancer:

Eating Turmeric powder everyday kill the Cancer cells, Also it stops Tumour cells growth.

Kill Germs:

Even a wounds can be cured by applying Turmeric powder on it. Usually Turmeric has an effect of killing bacteria, Virus and fungi. Turmeric Powder will maintain and strengthen the Immune system by killing the bacteria and viruses.

Control Diabetes:

Keeping Insulin at normal level..Pinch of Turmeric Powder will keep away from diabetes.

Control Cholesterol level:

Regular intake of turmeric powder will reduce the cholesterol level and body weight will be maintained by breaking down the fat.

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