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The Revival of Kanyakumari’s 2500 Ponds as a Youth Movement

Pond cleanup

This is Pratheesh K V. He owns a small provisional store in Kaatathurai. Sometime ago, he brought together a few of his friends and started இயற்கையுடன் ஒரு பயணம் இளைஞர்கள் இயக்கம் கன்யாகுமரி and initiated a Pond cleanup near his home town.
Sparked by pure enthusiasm and nothing else, not even a free cup of tea, the boys felt the headrush of achievement for the first time when they had it cleaned and restored to its pristine state. One spurred two and three and soon there were five ponds cleaned in one year.
The pond at Villukury that was cleaned in November last was his initiative too. And it was well supported by Justin & Anshino Brightlin of the Screener Magazine, Kanyakumari Memes & was funded by IMA Martandam
Now they have set eyes on another pond right opposite to the one they cleaned. Being in the middle of an agri-dense area, pond cleanups like these are going to prove beneficial in the times of failing rains.
Remember … Pratheesh K V is not an “Environmentalist” of the NGO makeup nor is he spending time penning proposals for INGO funding. He just believes in his vision of restoring ponds to their natural biodiversity & is moving on his own in that direction (making the upwardly mobile educated middle class look like Zombies rolling in their own shit!).
He owns a small shop (not Supermarket) that barely feeds his family. He intends to do more & so, tomorrow at 9am, is starting work at the Villukury pond Opp. Kumaran Petrol Bunk. Be there! Make a Contribution for a good cause!
Tomorrow, being a Sunday, try snatch your kids away from their monitors & let their feet get wet with mud! Pond Cleaning could soon be a Weekend habit around here! And we need more weekends in a hurry, coz there are 2500 ponds to clean! Because, we have failed in totality, neglected our local treasures, buried a 1000 ponds in 15 years, cant do anything about it and are not even ashamed of our great impotency, come bury your sins here! Be there tomorrow at 9.